French Soirée Floral Gourmet Box Set

  • Looking to class this place up a bit? Look no further than the French Soirée Floral Gourmet Box Set from New Jersey Blooms. Filled with pretty florals and delectable macaroons, this picturesque box is best paired with your recipient's choice of wine or champagne. Whether it's your mum, sister, wife, or friend, we are you're sure to have you grinning so hard it hurts.

  • This box set includes roses, carnations, macaroons, and fresh flowers. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift.

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Terrible fulfilment process and customer service

We have been chasing your customer service last 8 days for proof of delivery as the receipient has not received the gift order. We are very upset and feel cheated by your company and intend to take this up seriously on social media and consumer forums. Pls refund our money or make sure Anissa receives the order asap.

Late, damaged, completely different than image and description

This was laughably bad. It came 4 days late, even when paying for express shipping and clearly marking the delivery date. When it did show up, it came in a hilariously large outer box (you could tell they grabbed whatever they had laying around and then partially stuffed it with bubble wrap that did not fasten the inner package in place because it was upside down and smashed when it came). The flowers were almost dead and damaged (from being tossed around, probably) and the arrangement was completely different from the image (different flowers, different box - not even a box but a basket instead and not looked like an Easter basket, instead of macaroons they gave cheap shortbread cookies as if ANYONE eats shortbread cookies). Additionally, the package came from Massachusetts even though I specifically chose this site to get flowers from a NYC shop, as advertised. On top of this, I called twice with not even the option of waiting to talk to someone, but was instead forced to leave a message so someone could call me back. No one did. I sent two emails, the day after it was supposed to arrive and the day it did arrive. I didn't get a message back till two days after it arrived (four days after the initial email I sent). They explained it was late because the date was written as the day it showed up, which was a complete lie and there is an email receipt with all of the information confirming it. My guess is a handful of clever "entrepreneurs" figured they could knock together some "scalable" money making scheme by getting a programmer to aggregate images from local flower shops and then subcontract the work out to the lowest bidder. When I went to the website and tried to email its different email addresses, they all returned "nonexistent" in Gmail. Even their link for Instagram goes to Shopify. SCAM CITY. Beware.

Wrong basket sent, no communication and when e-mails sent no response

Would never order from here, wrong basket sent. No communication and when told about the issue received no response


Its a complete scam.

Substituted with Inferior Product

My champagne was substituted with another bottle that is less than half the price of the champagne I paid for. Waited over a week to get a response from customer service with nothing to rectify the situation.