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The overall basket itself was delightful despite the susbtitions. It arrived on time and was nicely presented and great quality. The recipient was happy. However, I had a special add-on of a specific pastry for the occasion and it was substituted to something that we could not consumed due to dietary restriction, and in our opinion, lesser in value. It was disappointing and did not receive an acceptable compromise by customer service. The box of pastries was personally returned to their head office rather than seeing it in our trash.

Loved the Basket! Delivery was early

Loved this basket, the berries were great. Unfortunately, I ordered this package for delivery on the 12th (my sisters birthday) and it arrived on the 11th. I even paid more for shipping to ensure it made it on time. Disappointed it was there the day before, as it sat on her porch for hours since she didn't have the day off.

Smashed pie

Though it came on time and the recipient said it was tasty, the pie was completely smashed upon delivery. I contacted the company and they offered a $5 discount on a future purchase. Since it was a sympathy gift (which i put in my note) I feel it wasn't right of the company to be so careless with the delivery. They were unable to serve it to mourning guests. I am disappointed that the pie arrived smashed and I am unhappy with their idea of making it right. I am uncomfortable sending future baked gifts that are likely to arrive smashed.

Review - Actual Time Logistics

Hazelton is the best company and we liked the service and the variety of items they have are really good. Orders can be made easily using their website and staffs are very helpful.
I got 10% off of the bill amount with the free shipping to US and Canada.Tracking the gift basket were very easy as you have to just click the link given in the email. Once the item is delivered we got the notification.

Above all my customers really liked the gift baskets they received.

Thank you


I purchased 2 items from Hazeltons, The Ample Wine Gift Basket, and a bouquet of flowers. The basket was beautiful, however the bouquet of flowers was not included in the order. Instead a substitution was made and 6 small dead plants were delivered to my Mother in law, for her 90th Birthday. Hazeltons would not refund the flower portion of the order, and I ordered another basket and had to pay shipping again. If they could not provide the bouquet they should have contacted the customer and stated such. I felt forced to order something else as they would not refund the flowers. No discount for their mistake, no waive of shipping for their mistake... The second basket has yet to be delivered. Pamela

I really disappointed with the gift I I ordered it was not according to that and really embarrassed me all made fun of that gift sent by you guys

Zero stars

Still waiting for someone to contact us. Ordered a few baskets and there were unauthorized substituted items. Items were also not presented in a premium way. I do not recommend these baskets for anyone trying to impress. Customer service is lacking, have been waiting 4 days for a solution. Will not be using the baskets as they have been delivered as they do not look great at all!!!!!

Strawberries spoiled!

I sent my daughter in college the basket of chocolate covered strawberries with sparkling wine, 2 champagne glasses and Boss chocolate for her 21st birthday. The strawberries were not packed to keep fresh so they were rotten and runny by the time she got her box from the university mail room!

Absolute horrendous company that ruins your special occasion!!

The company has failed me on two separate occasions.

1. Ordered a Thank you basket for someone and paid a premium for shipping but the delivery guy delivered the basket to the wrong address and the recipient had to go searching for the basket in his neighborhood as the company has outsourced shipping to some other vendor and they had no clue where the basket is at. Luckily the recipient found the basket with one of his neighbors and he was able to retrieve it.

2. Ordered a special anniversary basket and it never got delivered but i received a delivery confirmation from Hazeltons. Phoned them for a refund but they kept delaying it saying they have to open a claim with the shipping company and only then will they be able to refund the order. Have followed up twice but no one picks up the phone now and have left them voicemails as well but still no response. Ughhhhh

Absolutely avoid them at all costs as you might be tricked from the website but their delivery and customer service is virtually non-existent!!

Bad service

I scheduled my delivery for Dec 1st. It did not arrive until the 4th. I was never notified that it would be later than expected. Never given a reason why it was delayed. I had to call and find out what was happening. My call was clearly outsourced and I could barely understand who I was speaking with. Terrible customer service. I will never use your company again.

beer a year

Another case of not getting what is pictured on the website! They delivered a FLIMSY wicker basket instead if the Beautiful Wooden Covered Crate pictured. They described a DELIGHTFUL assortment of beers to be delivered, what was received was mostly beers that I could buy at my local corner deli.... The GOURMET snacks to be included were just absolutely absent! They did agree to send additional beer along with the gourmet snacks to my recipient buy only after being completely rude to me in several email correspondences..... I hope they adjust their deliveries to reflect what is pictured and described on their website.... Unfortunately most recipients are unaware of what the gift-giver paid for.... not this time. In addition, a "customer service" class would serve them well. I give 5 stars for the IDEA as this was/is a great gift IDEA but the 1 star is based on deception and poor customer service.

Beautiful gift.

Amazing gift my son loved it. Thank you


I have nothing nice to say, sorry

. Never never again this company!!!!

Ever got my order! No customer service at all! Called them, they said we shipped it out not our problem. Never again!

Very bad delivery

The delivery was delivery a week after the purchase, by the time it was delivered, flower, fruits and chocolate was all spoil. Which does not even serve the purpose and the call center are very rude and they don't pick most time. It service was really worse

Did not receive what was ordered.

I ordered strawberries. And a cheaper product of chocolate balls were delivered instead bc they say they have the right to switch out products in your oder. Even if the new product is of lesser value. Even if you pay for a higher priced product and they deliver something different they won’t refund you the difference

Took over a week longer than the intended delivery date to arrive

Took over a week longer than the intended delivery date to arrive

mom loved it

The basket was great value with a perfect assortment to compliment the liquor. It arrived on time and was exactly what I expected. I have ordered gift baskets for others...thought it was time I sent one to myself to check out the positive comments I received back. I was more than delighted and satisfied, and will continue to send baskets from Wine Country in the future. Thank you again.

Didn't get what I ordered

I didn't get what I asked for. Wasn't happy about that. Person I gifted is specific so had to get something else. Contacted customer service and they still didn't fix the problem

excellent gift option

Beautifully packaged and presented. Sent 3 of these baskets to different areas of the country. Everyone loved them! Exact ON TIME arrival -- especially at the end of the year holiday rush! Have already recommended Northpole Gift Baskets to friends.

Poor service

I ordered a birthday gift for same day delivery as advertised on their website and it arrived late two days later. I spoke with a customer service rep who was not at all helpful. I would have chosen to order elsewhere if I had known that they would take 2 days to deliver a birthday gift 19 miles from their shipping location.

great gift basket

Since my son and his wife left the U.K. to live in Toronto present giving has been difficult to say the least. Recently we discovered Northpole Co and used them to send a happy holidays gift. I can highly recommend this company, ordering was hassle free, we were kept fully updated by email as to progress and delivery times and my son and daughter in law were truly delighted when the gift arrived, commenting particularly on presentation. I will definitely be using You guys in the future

great gift!!

My daughter had the day off so she was there to get the package - had been giving hints but she was so surprised when the package arrived and she saw what it was. They have finished everything - she said they loved everything in the basket and were impressed with the variety of items. The wine jelly was a real hit. The chocolates were really nice and really tasty and creamy. My daughter also loved the wine and the cutting board which looked very nice. She said it was the "best gift she has received" since becoming an adult.

wrong cake delivered

I was very disappointed that the birthday cake I ordered for my daughter was not what was delivered. Th item online showed a white cake decorated with pink confetti. A cake with a smashed turkey on it, thanksgiving themed, was delivered. I contacted customer service but they refused to fix their error. I will not use this company again.

Disappointed did not receive what was ordered

I am waiting for my claim as was not sent the items ordered which was stated as 1 x the romántic picnic basket - what was delivered was a very ordinary hamper and not one picnic item that was listed on the website was included. I hope to have this fixed and the right basket re sent immediately.