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Out of 7 beers, 2 were the same, and 3 of them were IPA's. I wouldn't recommend, unless the person likes IPA's.

unfortunate delivery on Saturday

the basket was lovely but unfortunately was delivered to an observant family on the Sabbath

Terrible first time ordering

Flowers and champagne without the bottle of champagne. They forgot I guess with all stuff that goin on. Still not a way to run a business if you can't get one order correct. The cake was delivered upside down and the plant was crushed in a box from delivery. None of these issue are covered unless you pay extra for shipment that less than two days. More money for same delivery issue no thank you. On top of that delivered on the wrong day. Couldn't get worst!

Poor quality of order

I am currently in the process of attempting to be refunded for my order. Due to the carrier that was chosen, my daughter did not receive the order I sent her as a surprise on time. I had paid extra for it to be delivered by 10:30am on Friday to her direct address, which it was instead sent to an access point that was closed. She did not receive the order until Monday. The chocolate covered strawberries were molded and had caused the entire basket to smell like decay. The flowers were withered and the teddy bear, which was supposed to have a graduation cap and gown, had nothing special. I am not pleased with the quality of the items I received or the service.

Beware - items not as described. Wine upgrade charged but regular cheap wine included.

Save yourself embarrassment and don't order this. We ordered 21 baskets and since I ordered one myself I know what actually came in the basket. Ugh. The key thing is that the wine upgrade was NOT included, so the extra $48 paid for the upgrade was wasted and there was the added embarrassment. Now getting the refund being a hassle. Terrible quality. Terrible service. Don't bother. This review is going to do to other sites too.


I ordered a wine box and orchid for a present. My friend received the box of wine which was all broken, and the orchid was dead and put into a cheap planter. I’m extremely disappointed and angry and want my money back! The wine she received was red and I requested white. The company will not issue a refund and has yet to apologize for their poor customer service! DO NOT ORDER FEOM THIS COMPANY!!

Didn’t get what I ordered

I’m giving 3 stars only because they managed to deliver the order on time during COVID. however, the item I ordered was not what got delivered. I can understand that maybe they didn’t have what I requested, but I wasn’t even given an option to choose something else for the order. The customer service sucks.


I paid for 2 lots of cupcakes and only received
One, no macaroons in the box as advertisec and delivered on the wrong day!

Terrible do not use!!!

My order was for 25 chocolate covered strawberries with a stuffed animal.... What was delivered was just a box of chocolates no stuffed animal... And the card was with a message that I didn't write along with somebody else's name on it... When I contacted their customer service... They told me they have the right to substitute items if what I ordered was not available... Not only was I not informed of this they offered nothing to compensate for the fact there was no stuffed animal and the card was totally wrong... Not even an apology... So I paid $116 to have a box of chocolate delivered with a card that wasn't even written by me nor my name on it... I totally strangers name.... Absolutely ridiculous... I understand that mistakes happen and even substitutions may need to be made... But to get absolutely nothing to compensate is unheard of I would never recommend this company to anybody


They replaced every item that I ordered for a cheaper one. Not all items that was in the picture was included. I email a picture of what I received and they wrote me back that it’s normal because they run out of the same so they put different thing. I paid $100 for something that looks like $20. Extremely disappointed & will never order from them again!!

The cake arrived smashed up and messy

Disappointing customer service

Sent champagne, fruit and chocolate basket to daughter getting married in New York without her family. Chocolate dipped strawberries were in cellophane soaked bag with liquid in bottom. Other fruit was 6 unripe kiwis . No grapes or bananas or anything else. Chocolate was ok. Basket was not inexpensive. Reached out to customer service and they wanted photos?! Daughter opened basket on FaceTime with her sister and I. We saw strawberries etc. Customer service was no help at all, not even apology. 😒

Heart & Mind Box Rose Set


I ordered the “Tasting Flight” for my husband, I was ecstatic about this purchase until it arrived. Upon arrival glasses were missed, I contacted customer service and the issue was resolved within a few days however, when the glasses arrived it wasn’t as per the description or the pictures my husband ended up with two beer mugs and 2 other glasses one of which had shattered. To this point I was over the communication with customer service.
Based of this we will not be returning customers. I understand things happen but in this instance I did not feel my business was welcomed.

Good but missing items

The 2 Balloons were paid for but weren't supplied with the package.

Costumer service was very helpful and quick to get ahold of. My only complaint is the balloons I ordered were two hearts and instead received a “best wishes” which felt odd. Overall great service though

Beer a year birthday box

I ordered the beer a year box, an extra six pack, and a cake for my boyfriend’s birthday since I’m overseas and couldn’t be there in person. The box came busted, multiple beers broken, he even cut himself when he initially tried taking one out, the cake was smooshed, all cheap beer and most were IPAs, and the extra six pack didn’t come. I contacted customer service but since he didn’t take pictures and just cleaned up the mess, got rid of broken bottles and busted box and just tried to be appreciative to not hurt my feelings they wouldn’t refund. All they would do was finally send the 6 pack they failed to send in the first place.

Champagne & chocolate dipped strawberries

Unfortunately the strawberries were all smashed and not edible

Beer a year gift box

I purchased the beer a year birthday box with an extra 6 pack and a cake. The beer was a bunch of cheap beers (mostly IPAs), the box it came in was busted, the cake was smooshed, and the extra 6 pack never showed. I contacted customer service but the recipient didn’t take pictures so the only thing they would do was finally send the 6 pack that was missing. The whole gift was a complete disappointment.

Did not deliver the items I ordered! Really disappointed!

I decided to order a basket from Hazelton's for my boyfriend's birthday. I'm in Canada and he is in Hungary. He did receive a package on the correct date (20th March), however, none of the items I requested or paid for were present. I ordered a Bacardi Gold Rum bottle, stuffed Teddy Bear and Wicker Basket, but he received a bag with assorted trail mix, nuts and dried fruit (these were miniature packets that too). I am greatly disappointed at how this order turned out as I feel that the CAD125 or USD88 I spent was not worth the gifts he received. They refused to give me a refund or send the correct items or at least similar items.

Great products, awful customer service

I purchased a box with wine, cheeses, and orchids, each month for 3 months. The first box arrived and the orchids were dead and frozen. I sent a very polite and friendly email to inform Hazelton's and didn't even ask for a full refund on the orchids, I just asked what they could do for us, especially as we don't want that happening with the next boxes. I received what can only be described as a bloody insolent email back, from a nasty woman, informing me that they would be doing nothing. My staff would be fired on the spot for making a customer feel bad, humiliated, unimportant, or dispensable. Your customer service is unbelievably bad.

Complicated to place order. Fruit was not too fresh

Beer custom gift

The gift was late ordered it for friday got it monday 2 items were broke paid for express delivery


Gift looks amazing, however, I am disappointed they wouldn’t cancel my order despite requesting this 8 days in advance of scheduled delivery date. This gift was due to arrive the day before my nephew was being married. Very unfortunately the wedding has been cancelled due to Covid19. I didn’t want to rub salt into the wound of the devastated couple by having champagne and strawberries delivered on what will now be a very sad day. Very disappointing that in these extreme circumstances they couldn’t pull out the stops and bypass their systems to stop this delivery and provide a refund or credit.