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Buyer beware! Original order was to be delivered 12/24/2020, paying extra for next day shipping. Order shipped 01/04/2021 and was delivered to the recipient on 01/50/2021. It did not include everything as promised in the pacakge and was a FULL TWO WEEKS late. Terrible customer service as I had an awful time trying to even contact anyone for a status update. If I were you, I would not order from this company. Ever. They had a tiny message on the top of the page stating that orders placed after 12/16/2020 may not arrive before Christmas, BUT unlike other companies I looked at, they didn't black out delivery dates for which they KNEW they could not deliver. And since the message was so small and did not stand out on the page, I honestly didn't notice it. WHY ACCEPT AN ORDER FOR A DELIVERY DATE YOU KNOW YOU CAN"T DELIVER? Just awful.

Guaranteed Same Day Delivery -- Unpleasant Experience

I ordered a same day delivery for December 23rd which was guaranteed on the website; the order was delivered on January 7th. Further, the delivery was not 100% correct, and was missing items. I called the 800 number, opened 3 service tickets over the course of three weeks all which have been closed, and I continue to open them up. I am now going to dispute the charge with AMEX as my customer experience has been negative. Hazelton's could have made this right, and continue to refuse to do so.

Not a pleasant experience at all

The hamper was delivered way after tge expected delivery time (a week later after Christmas) and the hamper did not resemble the item that I purchased. It was of much worse quality! I contacted the customer service who said they have the right to substitute items but in my case the substitute was of a terribly bad quality and involved nearly everything in the basket including the basket which was a cheap cane basket. Very disappointed

Horrible and even worse customer service!!’

My basket arrived 2 weeks late AND had clearly been dropped. I had pictures from the receiver and there was dirt everywhere. I contacted Hazeltons 10 days ago now and NO RESOLUTION. Instead when they finally did get back to me it was all excuses. Never again.

Poor turnaround

The delivery arrived two weeks after the date I requested, with no communication that my delivery was delayed.
I had no idea if my delivery had been delivered or not, as it was a surprise gift I did not want to ask the recipient.

A poor service, wouldn’t recommend using this company for delivering gifts on certain days.

So late

The basket was beautiful and the items were as described, but the shipping took forever. I understand that with the holidays they could not guarantee a 3 day delivery, however, 30 days is a far cry from 3. Make sure you order well in advance if you expect it to arrive anywhere near the time you want.

Disappointed with delivery service

Very disappointed with your delivery service. I ordered this before Christmas for delivery to relatives in Canada and had to chase you twice in January as it had not been delivered. I have now received a photograph from my relatives showing the orechid and prosecco, whch both look lovely, so do not have a problem with the quality of the order but the delivery service was appalling
Ernie Fenwick

Terrible lesser value substitute delivered

I would put zero stars if I could. I ordered the fruit bouquet for my parents and they received a box of whole fruit, a couple pears, apples, and oranges. The value of the fruit box is $30 less than the bouquet. When I asked for my order to corrected or a refund of the price difference, Hazelton's response was they can make whatever substitute they want. I had not been notified prior to the delivery that a substitute needed to be made so I was very disappointed that my parents did not receive anything close to what I ordered and Hazelton took my payment and gave me something of lesser value of my order. Do not order from Hazelton because you don't know what you will receive after they take your money.

I won't buy again

I sent a gift basket that took 14 days to be delivered even though I paid $40 for a 3 days delivery window. It was extremely hard to connect with costumers service. The people received the package several days after new years when it was supposed to be delivered on the 26th of December.

Give a low mark for violation of delivery time. We were counting on a timely birthday present for a friend, you are 2 weeks late. Although they guaranteed timely delivery for gifts over $ 100


The package really took too long to arrive. The mix, wine & cheese, is not compatible with this waiting, even if I was warned of the deadlines, end-of-year celebrations and covid-19, three weeks late, that's a lot!
In addition, the tray was broken, therefore not usable ....
The surprise I had to give the recipient was nothing but disappointment.


Extremely late delivery. The basket that was delivered, looked nothing like the online image and the added optional vase and flowers which was missing. No communication was received notifying me of the flowers or vase chosen not being instock and no communication to refund the items not delivered. Highly disappointed.

Think twice before ordering here!

I've placed an order on December 18th and the website allowed me to select shipment options so that the parcel is delivered on the 23rd of December. As the result, an attempt to deliver the parcel was made only on the 8th of January. Nobody contacted me earlier to tell me that the parcel will not be delivered when expected.

Moreover, the worst carrier ever was selected to deliver the parcel. They have a 1-star rating on Google and I did not see a single positive review. They did not deliver the parcel, wrote that recipient was not found and now the parcel is located in some unknown terminal without the address and it is not possible to reach anyone on the carrier or seller side by phone or messages to clarify this. And now they will probably start issuing the fee that nobody comes and collects the parcel. At least they could have made the address known to the recipient. I've paid 20 USD for the shipment. It would be enough to ship the parcel with FedEx probably. I am shocked by the level of service or more likely it's absence.

The WORST experience with an online company I have ever had! Ruined Christmas and still no reply

I made an order on 19th December to be sent to a residential address in Saskatoon on 22nd December. I am extremely disappointed with the service and communication from the business throughout the whole entire process - and I STILL haven't heard from Hazelton's, a month later, despite many emails. I ordered a gift basket for Christmas for my elderly Grandmother who lives alone - this means, due to Covid restrictions over the holidays, she was ALONE at Christmas. This is why I wanted to send her a gift basket - to cheer her up and send her some treats to enjoy as she stayed alone for Christmas. I placed my order on 19th December requesting delivery on 22nd December. I then saw on my confirmation email that orders may be delayed 2-3 days. I then emailed Hazelton's to ask to ship my order ASAP and had ZERO response or acknowledgment of my email. My order did not arrive on time and only arrived in the middle of January. Even with the delays communicated on the website and confirmation email due to covid, my order should have arrived by 27th December at the latest, taking into account the public holidays of Christmas and Boxing day where deliveries wouldn't happen. This would have been acceptable. 15 days after my initial confirmed delivery date my grandmother still had not received the order and I have never received any communication about my order. I find this completely appalling and unacceptable. I understand that Covid is creating delays - however Hazelton's communicated that the delay would be 3 days - My order was delayed by over 19 days. With zero acknowledgement or refund. If they communicated the extended delays in the first place, as many other companies have done, then I wouldn't have ordered with them as I needed the gift to arrive on time for my grandmother. You stated wrong information about delivery times therefore creating false expectations. Also your complete lack of communication is unacceptable and has been infuriating. Lastly, my poor grandmother has was without this gift well past Christmas and New Year, which makes my thoughtful present useless - God only knows if the edible products were even still fresh let alone edible at this point! ALSO, once the gift finally did arrive, extremely late, there were multiple items MISSING - some of which I paid extra for! The missing items total over $25 and I have been given zero explanation as to why they were not included. I understand business is tough right now with Covid, but it is also really hard being away from family and your lack of transparency completely ruined a nice present I was sending to my grandmother for Christmas. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had and I shop online and order items and gifts internationally and in Canada a few times a month. Do NOT bother ordering from this completely dishonest and incompetent company!

Never Again

My experience with Good 4 You has been anything but good! It’s been over a week and the fruit bowl I ordered still hasn’t been delivered. At checkout my shipping options were not made clear or that it would take this long. Or how long it would take period. If I had known, I would’ve chosen another product or gone with a different company entirely. Now I’m worried my friend will receive rotten fruit. But worst of all was the non existent customer service. A phone number that doesn’t connect you to a person. A live chat that is neither live or a chat. Just yet another form to send a message to someone who will never respond to you. Honestly, I was beginning to suspect I had ordered from fraudulent scam site. And I will remain skeptical until my friend’s delivery is made. And even if this is a legitimate business, I still feel deceived!

Disappointed Christmas

Firstly, I ordered this basket as a gift for my father as a surprise. He lives in Canada, I live in Australia, so I thought chances were that he would get it close to Christmas. Given that I ordered on the 20th, I didn't hold much hope that it would arrive before Christmas, but near would have been nice. On the website, it says it has a 5-day delivery turn over... Okay, so that means I should be able to get it to him by the 25th of December - if they deliver on Christmas day. It then gave me an option to choose a delivery day/time - so I chose Christmas eve between 5&8pm. This would be perfect as we would be opening our presents in Australia at this time and Dad could join in. It wasn't until after I ordered when I realised there was a notification regarding a delay in postage (due to Christmas and Covid). Ooops, my bad. So I sucked it up and realised it was not going to turn up on time. However, almost 3 weeks after Christmas it arrived. So from a 5 day delivery to a 3-week delivery, I think this is disappointing. And then to top it off, the cakelet I ordered was wrong. Not worth the money I spent. Next time I'll stick to the sending cash for a present.


Ordered it for Christmas, arrived on Jan 13th.

Very disappointed first time customer from South Africa

Received a Bambo Plant instead of Potted Poinsettia which was packed with the Holiday Basket order. The water of the plant leaked all over the goods and my family could not enjoy any of the gift.
My daughter had communicated to yourselves wrt to the total order I had placed and submitted pictures to proof in what condition the gifts were received.
Delivery was for the 21/12/2020 but only received 11/01/2021.
I'm disappointed and will NEVER recommend your company to anybody and I will never ever order a single item from HAZELTON'S.
No communication from yourselves on how you will rectify this order or compensate for it.
Am I replying to a ROBOT? I have a feeling that NOTHING is even going to come of both my disappointed REVIEWS.

Bad Communication but good product

I placed two orders Dec 19 & 20 for expecting a 4 days delivery lead-time. The reality was a delivery lead-time over 23 days for both gift baskets that was not acceptable.
Your organization need to review your communication strategy. Using email as the only form of communication in 2021 is not acceptable.
Your live chat option is not a live tool, you cannot talk to a human being on your 800 number.
During all that time, I was not able to receive one indication of the delivery date.
The good news is that the product delivered was very good and to the expectation but the delivery time was terrible.

Horrible service

The delivery date promised for the item was 21 Dec 2020. The item was delivered on 12 January. I requested that the order be cancelled and my money refunded on 10 January with no response from you.
Terrible customer service – my worst on-line shopping experience ever. Should be zero stars.

Never received. Sent email on status January 14, 2021. No response. Called no way to connect to a person or leave message. Please cancel order.

Long delivery, wrong items, no response

On Sunday of last week I ordered a flourless chocolate cake for 1 business day delivery. I did not get a delivery update on Monday and sent an email to the support team asking for an update. I have never heard back. I checked with my family and they did not receive anything all week. On Saturday they finally received an order but it contained the wrong items, cupcakes and brownies which were slightly damaged in transit. I emailed customer support again looking for a resolution and have still not heard back. While they said the items were tasty it was not what I ordered, did not arrive when expected, and the support team has been unresponsive.

Poor customer service. The basket itself was ok.

Will not be using Hazelton's nor recommending it to friends as their customer service leaves much to be desired. I tried to contact their call centre multiple times, left messages and emails, and all the emails bounced back while the messages went without a callback. How can you conduct business in such an unprofessional manner? The basket itself arrived ok -- while very, very delayed-- but the poor CS has lost them my business.

Always late

I have tried 3 times to order baskets and all three times the delivery has been extremely late and missed the occasion (Christmas and a birthday). Hazelton’s would not respond to phone messages or emails to cancel the orders after the missed dates (where I had to go out and buy other presents since the baskets didn’t arrive on time)! The first 2 baskets were over 2 weeks late and the 3 is 3 days late so far and not yet delivered.

Worst customer service

I would give zero if i have the option.I have ordered Red Velvet cake as Birthday surprise but Strawberry Cheese cake was delivered I immediately tried contacting but calls went to VM and sent multiple emails with no response. Very disappointed and will never buy anything from this site.Completely ruined someone’s surprise!