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I have done this request with Olivia at customer service

Simple Orchid Gift Box
Dudley Shotwell

Simple Orchid Gift Box


I ordered flowers, wine and chocolate covered pears for my parents 35th anniversary. This was the WORST online flower order I have ever made. The product did not match the description at all!!! None of the flowers from the photo were used in the bouquet, no roses, just a bunch of cheap flowers (carnations!!!) thrown together, and wrapped in cheap paper. Not only that, the flowers were brown and rotting!!! The pears that were advertised as chocolate covered pears were ROTTEN. All three. There was a cheap, ugly silver bow on top of the pears, that were literally brown and oozing. The “chocolate” was a cheap, no-name brand bar thrown in the box. It was old and bitter. I am beyond disappointed and outraged at the lack of quality. Never could I have imagined something so trashy and gross would be delivered. This company is clearly attempting a money grab, promising unique gifts only to charge very high prices for delivery and upgrades. Thank God I planned other gifts for my parents. I was so embarrassed. This was an absolute mess. Do not waste your money!!!

Great delivery, flowers wilted

Delivery was on time! Champagne was perfect! Flowers were wilted and crushed.

Underwhelming in person

Unfortunately the final product did not look like the picture, as a lot of pieces seems to be substituted (various elements of the bouquet looked very different). The sparking wine was substituted out for a cheaper one without any kind of notice or refund. Disappointing.


Thank You for providing a perfect sympathy gift - to morn and celebrate a very special person.

Delivery 5 days late

Flowers delivered 5 days late. Recipient opened box to find rotten flowers and flies. Although UPS accepted responsibility for shipping error, Heart and Thorne not willing to place a claim for refund or redelivery.

Wine Duo Gift Basket
Catherine McHale
50 days until my bestie's 50th

so I wanted to send her a present. Since she is in Canada and I am in the US this is not always the easiest thing to get done with anyone else, so I am a repeat customer! I send one bottle of American and one of Canadian wine, some flowers and treats and she loved it! Delivered with care and on time! Thanks for always making it so easy!!!!

Custom Gourmet Gift Basket
Joel Townley
Great prompt delivery.

Fancy packaging. Some of the foods purchased have been eaten ,the chocolates, amaretti biscotti and cookies all tasted great.
The wine, cheese and crackers are to be enjoyed soon.


I was able to greet my sister at a distance of 8000 thousand kilometers. Service was perfect. The bouquet is fresh and very cute. Thank you. Recommended.

The Birthday Cake
Daniel Roberge
Smashed Cake

I have ordered gift baskets from Yorkville’s before without any problems. They have always been perfect and delivered on time without a hitch. This was the first time I ordered a cake though, and the recipients mentioned that while the wine and beers were fantastic, the birthday cake was packed underneath them and ended up being destroyed on the journey to their door. Not sure why the cake was packed that way.


Pretty good quality, I definitely liked it.

Custom Birthday Gift Baskets
Nataliia Mishenina
Reliable service

Amazing delivery, great choice of items. Even though I placed the order late, they delivered the gift on time! Thank you so much! The process is easy and you can track your gift

Nature's Harvest Fruit Bouquet
Looks exactly like the photo!!

I was hesitant to order the fruit bouquet because I couldn't find a more recent review, but I'm glad I got it! Ordered it for my friend's birthday in July (Fruits are in season) and was delivered on time. I would order again!

For my daughters 21st birthday

Awesome gift for my daughters 21st birthday. It came with great choices of beer and so many yummy snacks, a board to display, and beer glasses. She loved it!

Good quality, fast delivery A+

My client was quite pleased with the quality and delivery

House warming gift

I was able to pick out a gift and upgrade the wine and have it shipped to Comox BC where my client lives! My client felt so special and appreciated.

Purple African Violet
Elizabeth O'Halloran

I love the colour of the flowers.

Wine Duo Gift Basket
suzanne sweet
Did not get delivered when asked

And the wooden box was somewhat broken

First Class all the way

My parent’s in-law celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and we wanted to send them a very special surprise. Their delight upon receiving their gift filled the bill!

Beautiful Peonies

I sent my daughter a bouquet of pink flowers along with a bottle of champagne as part of her birthday gift. She loved the flowers. She told me they included her favorite flower, peonies. They were plentiful, fresh and very pretty.

Lovely service

Amazing service, I really appreciate, everything is perfect and the cake is really nice.
I ordered it from Ukraine to Canada and was delivered perfectly 🥰 thank you

Deluxe Celebration Basket
Marianne Novak
Beyond Expectations!

Send a celebration gift basket for my parents’ 60th Wedding anniversary. They were blown away by the presentation, variety and quality of products.

Gift could easily be stolen!

Good products as expected for the rather high price. Unfortunately, the package was just put outside the door during the night and we were lucky that it wasn't stolen! Luckily, the recipients kids came home during the night and found it on the stairs in the dark, it would have probably not been there anymore in the morning. I would not order again, because we invested a lot of money and trusted the page but as we saw, it is highly possible that the gift doesn't arrive.

Excellent gift

First time ordering from Yorkvilles and I wasn't disappointed. Delivery was on time and presentation was lovely.
Will purchase again!