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Sun Kissed Delights Tray
Tiffany Germain
Rotten Fruit and Flowers and spoiled food

I’m shocked at how bad the gift was. The flowers showed up 5 days late not next day, the flowers and fruit were dead and rotting. The wood platter was ruined with spoiled fruit juices. And they told me per policy they can’t give me a refund… I’m legitimately shocked and think this might be a scam company working with hazeltons gift baskets.

The Gentleman's BroCrate
stacy jozwiak
It’s ok

The site didn’t (clearly enough for me) state that the liquor would be coming separately and the substitution policy. They did send the liquor and it came days later, but my recipient had to ask me if it was from me because nothing denoted the second package was part of the first. The substitution was fine, but I’d didn’t realize it would be happening so I thought the wrong crate was sent to my friend. In the end it worked out, but I’m not sure if I’ll be using them again.


My experience was poor and will not use the service again. The entire birthday surprise was ruined by the mishandling of the shipment process.

Best Basket I have found

Was going to send an Edible Arrangement but they are no longer Kosher and the person I was sending it to is Shomer Shabbos and Frum therefore needed a Kosher Basket. The Basket had a good selection, and the recipient was very happy and stated it was a great selection.

Delivery was easy and relatively quick, and easy to track. Thank you for being a great gift giving site for those who keep Kosher!!!


To whom it may concern:

All of the flowers were delivered dead. The chocolate was melted/ruined. Overall, extremely disappointed especially with how much money we spent for this package.

Magical Fantasy Rose Bouquet
Naziya Khassanova
Wrong bouquet

I ordered this kind of bouquet, because it looks really beautiful, but instead I received absolutely different bouquet. Really disappointed.

Miniature Rose Basket
Sandra Pichardo
embarrassing substitution of gift - misleading pictures & terrible customer service

Purchased what I thought would be beautiful woven basket with miniature roses, what I got was a cheap, tiny, pink "milk-man wood tray" with very little detail and suuuuper random plants.
Customer service came back strictly sticking to their substitution policy yet that same policy states "Our goal is to exceed your expectations." - yeah right... and "we will substitute items of equal or greater value in all cases" not at all!
They did not even have the decency to make it look prettier by putting more filler so you don't see the soil... It was an embarrassment. DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE * THEY HAVE MISLEADING PICTURES AND FREQUENTLY DO SUBSITUTIONS * I read so on reviews on google maps, unfortunately AFTER my purchase... I do not like leaving poor reviews, but the lack of customer service, deceive and neglect forces me to WARN others..

If I could give no stars I would

This is a total scam don’t buy from this company! I paid over $400 to get absolutely nothing I ordered in my basket. There were molded limes, the tray it came in was broken. I did not get the liquor I requested and everything was was dusty and seriously cheap. They refused to refund me and claimed that in their terms and conditions they reserve the right to substitute with things of equal value if it’s not available. Which honestly nothing in this basket was worth what I paid for. This company is disgusting and I’m reporting them to the better business bureau.

Horrible Experience

Poor customer service. Policy of shipment was not accurately stated for perishable items. A dozen strawberries and champagne were sent and arrived melted and hot and everything was spoiled. No where on order information was there a warning on how to ship and what shipment was best for their perishable items. They do not use dry ice. They just send it off in a box. Would never recommend this service to anyone. Customer service was horrible and rude and essentially said it was the customers fault for not going to their FAQ page to show their tiny warning on perishable items they do not ship correctly.

Order still not received

I purchased this as a birthday gift for one of my clients, and it is now FOUR days late. I've tried contacting support through phone & email, and NONE of the email addresses are working. I would love to get a replacement order sent out ASAP. Can someone please help?


Not fresh at all

Do not shop. Be careful.

The product has not arrived yet. But the company charged me the delivery fee. Extremely disgusting bad organization and robber company. Do not shop. Be careful.

Miniature Rose Basket
Stephani Corby

I’m sure the Miniature Rose Basket was amazing, I’m from Australia so not able to view it.


All the products were different than on the image. The beer mug was replaced without any notice with just a glass. So disappointed with this service

Summer Glory Sunflower Bouquet
Sriram Venkatassamy
Worst ever

It was totally a frustrating experience I ever had in my life. I placed an order to be delivered on 25th of July and I took 7 days to update me that the order failed and damaged. And I haven’t got my refund. No response from the shop.

What a mess

Flower box was in pieces. Champagne missing. Only a Candle and two glasses made it.

Premium Pampered BroCrate
Krisztina Hegedűs
horrible experience

bath robe missing, personalisation, names on items missing, sports magazine missing, non of the items are as shown on the picture. I filed paypal for a refund.

Vintage Wine Trio
Doreen Colantoni
Wine gift basket

Fast delivery with frequent updates. Would use again!

Custom Gift Basket
Gabrielle Oviatt

Custom Gift Basket

More Deli/Bakery Options for Balance

Great idea and really lovely to be able to customise a gift basket for that special person you know so well. However, I had to buy a separate banana loaf rather than it being an option in the custom menu. There are other sugar-laced Baked goods as options so not sure why healthier baked goods options aren’t included in the customised menu as well. After several back and forth with customer service, managed to include dried truffle sausage in the gift basket (its already a product sold in stock). But it would be great to have more deli/meat options like saucisson, pate, rillette to round off and balance the crackers, cheeses and fruits.

Beautiful flowers - poor delivery times

When you order flowers for someone's birthday you expect them to be delivered on their birthday. Not two days later. Really took the surprise element out of it when recipient stayed home again one day later and they didn't. Luckily her flatmate was home the next day to receive on her behalf. They were lovely flowers though.

Not to happy

Ordered a champagne & french chocolate dipped strawberries bouquet and some balloons for my friends birthday, anyway balloons never went to her. All they say was that can’t do nothing about one of items missing, not so happy


This was a gift. Items were missing and I was asked to photograph them! Not sure how one can photograph missing items!

Awful this business is a scam

I've never experienced anything like this in my life. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! THIS PLACE IS A TOTAL SCAM THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN


I ordered a gift for my boss and paid for a gift for her 2 year old son - mangoes and a small stuff toy. My boss mentioned that she did not receive the soft toy nor the mangoes. When I reported this to the customer service team, I had 3 different people reach out to me. The asked me for a picture to proof that the items were missing. How do you ask your boss for a picture of the gift that you sent - very uncomfortable feeling. Anyway I got the picture and sent it to them and now they threw the fact that items can be changed, replaced and all the legal jargon. They did not replace the item, which I had paid for with any other toy. They really do not value their customers and are patronising! I have dealt with many other hamper companies and they apologise just for being late for a delivery! This company's attitude is terrible and I had a very bad experience with them.