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sorry, I will never recommend you to anyone, My order was so messed up and did not arrive in time and was just a disaster trying to straighten everything out. goodby

Leafs basket

Ordered this for my son for his birthday. It was delivered 2 days AFTER his birthday and looked nothing like I ordered. As a matter of fact, the only thing with the Leafs logo was the balloon. He got a team canada bear, 2 different kinds of apples ( I ordered strawberries and peaches) the nuts and items in the basket also did not resemble what ordered. I won’t be ordering again for two reasons....#1 if you were unable to fulfill my order with the items on your website, I should have been notified. #2 if you were unable to deliver it by the date I requested, I should have been notified. This would have given me the opportunity to order elsewhere and then order from you in the future. Failure to notify me of any of these inconveniences has resulted in you losing this customer and anyone I speak to. Thank you very much!


I couldn’t be more disappointed! I sent my friends a romantic wine package for 2 and things could not have been worse!
One of the cheeses was EXPIRED!
I asked for a personalized cake with a message, and they got smushed cupcakes instead.
Also, the picture had the picture of a heart shaped wood which turned out to be a piano!
I would really like a refund since I was not satisfied at all and the recipients of the gift could have gotten food poisoning if they had eaten the expired cheese!

Absolutely appalled - wanted a to provide a happy surprise, gave utter disappointment instead.

Shipped the parcel to Vancouver to surprise by boyfriend after finishing his exams (I wasn‘t able to be there so I wanted to show him my support). The flowers arrived mouldy and wet. The remaining contents of the gift basket were wet and smelt of old, wet socks. The box that the gift came in was not as ordered. I was pleasantly surprised with the remaining items of the gift box - the wine, crackers and chocolates were exactly as ordered, however they too were wet. I hoped that I would be able to use Hazelton‘s again, but after this horror disaster of a gift I doubt that I will. My boyfriend was more so disappointed than elated by the gift I had provided due to it arriving mouldy, malodorous and wet.

Great Service

I like the way they are so on top of where the package is and you can actually track the driver as well. Great Communication.. Would use them again.


I ordered a crate with wine, apples and chocolate, there were no apples in the crate and I was never refunded back the money neither they sent apples again, my first time experience was no good, just charging a lot of money with poor service

The Brie Baker Gourmet Gift Basket

New Baby Treats

Our employee and his family really enjoyed the Handmade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Apple Basket along with some cookies, they were delighted! Great service and timely delivery provided by Hazelton's. We will definitely be using your services again. THANK YOU.

Delivery unclear and inconsistent

I ordered this specifically because the website indicated it could be delivered on a specific date, and I wanted it to be delivered to the hospital for my friend's last day of chemo treatment. Not only was it not delivered that day; it wasn't delivered until the end of the week, and customer service wasn't helpful in this regard. The delivery instructions felt intentionally deceptive, and I absolutely would not shop here again. The only reason I gave it two stars is because they did actually deliver a product eventually.

Very Expensive

Great service but very expensive for the quality of wine.



I am utterly disappointed with the way you are handling this. I do understand the fact that you have the rights to substitute the items with similar products of equal to greater value. Also, I do understand that it is more important to deliver the product on time as opposed to having the exact contents.

The confusing part is that not everything I ordered (and paid for) was not received by the recipient . As per my payment receipt, the stuffed animal and the birthday general - singing were not received. Now please tell me, is this also part of your terms and conditions to not give a refund for the things that wasn’t receive by the recipient? If so, it seems like your terms and condition is more of a scam.

I expected great quality and service from your store without listening to online reviews. I guess the bad reviews that I have been hearing were true.

Poor customer service, pumpkin basket not as advertised

The delivered basket alternative was a cheap plastic pumpkin basket which was nothing like picture advertised. When I queried with them they said nothing could be done and policy allowed them to substitute with item of similar or higher value - when I indicated that this was certainly not of equal or higher value I got no response. Not impressed and was very disappointed in customer service.

Not what I ordered.

I ordered the chocolate banana cake based on reviews and because I wanted something special. I assumed these cakes were made to order but I guess I should have read the fine print. I didn't receive a chocolate banana cake, but a plain chocolate birthday cake. When I complained I was told that the fine print stated they could make substitutions and that they were out of stock of chocolate banana. The chocolate cake was dry and overpriced. Overall a bummer of an experience.

Lied about delivery

Do not trust this company. I took a chance because I needed a quick delivery for a funeral. Ordered before their deadline on Friday morning and received confirmation that it would be delivered. Not only did it not arrive on Friday, it didn't arrive until Monday! I contacted customer service on Saturday morning as soon as I checked the tracking info and got the run around of excuses and then they just completely stopped replying to my emails. They lie and ignore. Choose another company. This was for a funeral so time was of the essence and in the end, it didn't arrive until 3 days later when all the guests were no longer in town to enjoy the food basket.

Could be better!

The order was delivered on time and the products were good quality, but it was not what I ordered. My client is a white wine lover and can't eat sweets. I specifically ordered white wine and tapas, cheese and crackers. My order was substituted to red wine and chocolates. I understand that sometimes the specific wine is unviable, but how can you substitute white with red? Or Cheese and crackers with sweets. I appreciate the effort but I wish I was informed that what I specifically ordered was not available. I also ordered delivery in a basket, which didn't happen.

Cake was great but...

The recipient loved the cake but it was mashed on one side so when the box was opened the whole experience fell flat. The shopping experience was great and it arrived on schedule but the cake looked like it was dropped on the way.

Bad experience

I ordered the cake to be delivered on a Monday for a friends birthday and cake arrived Early on Friday in-spite of me choosing express delivery option. The cake was compressed from top as well. I contacted customer support and they
promised to send a second order as compensation which I’ve not yet received. Bad experience and poor customer satisfaction.

But of a mix up ....

Sent a gift basket to my ex and chose a happy birthday and a “you’re number one balloon” but the balloon that was sent said “love you to the moon and back”. I sent this to his office and now feel very awkward as his boss was the one who was there to accept the gift. I just wanted to do something nice and now I’m in an awkward situation.

Great Packaging, Sub-par Contents

I recently purchased the monthly cider subscription box for a friend's birthday. The package delivered promptly on the date requested, and the packaging was very nice. The description was misleading, however. I was expecting there to be 4 unique, or craft cider selections in the box. Inside were 4 Angry Orchard Rose bottles that we can get at our corner gas station (hardly a "hard-to-find treasure"). For $120 for the 3 month subscription, I sure hope the next 2 months are a better gift. If not, this was a waste of money and a pretty poor gift in my opinion.

A needed service

I was in Ontario for my first wedding anniversary and I wanted to send something other than flowers. There were not too many options available so I was delighted to find Hazelton's. The gift basket was lovely. Two disappointments. I paid for 2-day service which would have had it arrive on the anniversary, but it didn't arrive until 3 days. also in my notes i asked it be delivered after 6, because she works during the day. it arrived when she was at work--so she had to go get it a few days later.

A Bit Disappointing...

I bought this for my brother who absolutely loved it but I was very disappointed that it did not arrive as pictured. I saw that it would be wrapped in cellophane with a bow which was great but I thought that the large crate in the photo would be the crate it came in. Instead it arrived in a very small, nondescript box with the beers seemingly thrown in. The presentation in the crate was the reason why I decided to buy this, otherwise I could have just thrown it together myself. Overall I’m fairly disappointed with the gift, especially given how much I paid for it.

Bro rates don't come in a crate!

Ordered a gift for my husband. Order came with substitutions, a cheap printed piece of paper for a card, and a cellophane wrapped package instead of the crate mentioned in description, shown in picture and in company name. Contacted company only to be told that they freely substitute items and no cancellation or refund would be issued. Period. Bad business. Stay away!!

Late delivery

I was promised a 5 day delivery (Nov 7) and it arrived 4 days after the birthday. Really embarrassing.


If I could give a zero I would. Instead of taking items offline when sold out they just substitute it without your knowledge or any notification.
Their shipping was terrible as the box arrived upside down and it had plants in it.
If you can't ship it without it getting destroyed then don't do it.
If you don't have an item in stock contact your customer.
When your customer brings it to your attention don't point to the fine print in your terms and conditions, maybe offer a discount it refund.
I order gifts online for people all the time.
My suggestion would be Bloomex. Their products and customer service are leaps and bounds above Hazelton's

less than idea customer service

We purchased a gift basket, expecting next day delivery in Ottawa. We placed the order well before 2pm on Saturday with the hope it would be delivered by 8pm as advertised the next day. (understanding it wasnt guaranteed).
It did not even get shipped till the following Tues/Wed. We realized early Wed that there was an address error (we acknowledged) - spoke to the shipper directly who ensured us it wasnt a problem. It would be corrected before delivery.
The package was NOT delivered - but shipped back from Ottawa to Toronto (the apparent centre of the universe). We tried to follow up with Hazelton's - who basically told us it wasnt their issue. When it did arrive at it's destination the following FRIDAY... the box was battered, no styrofoam peanuts were in the box except for 6 silly little things. We were amazed that the wine and treats arrived at all. Not happy - took away the pleasure of gift giving and I wont use the company again.