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Wine gift basket

Gift delivered one day later, even order been placed week an advance.
Customer service beyond expectations:
No return calls , no explanation late delivery.
Don’t recommend.

My review was to be 0 stars not 5

My review was obviously not 5 stars, it was 0.

Horrible experience culminating with rotting fruit delivered 9 days late

This is a horrible product. Originally ordered on 3/29 with a deliver for 4/1. The basket arrived on 4/9 with rotting fruit spoiling absolutely everything in the basket. Even wrapped items were deteriorating due to the rotting fruit. I repeatedly contacted the company to ask about the delivery status and repeated was told that the item had shipped. When I contacted UPS, I was told that they only received notice that a shipping label was requested. Once the rotting basket was finally received, I sent photos of the appalling and disgusting mess. I was offered brownies. This basket cost over $180 and I was offered brownies. Horrible company, horrible customer service, horrible experience.

The Worst product & customer service

Terrible terrible terrible! Run away!

Ample Wine Gift Basket

The recipient absolutely loved this wine basket filled with tasty goodies, and especially the wine. Nicely packaged. Would definitely order another gift basket when the time comes.

Very dissatisfied

Unfortunately I placed my order over a week ago for a delivery date of last Friday and the package never got is Tuesday and it still hasn’t been delivered and supposedly there’s a birthday cake in it ...very very disappointing

Never delivered

I ordered a basket on March 13th. It still has yet to be delivered. It was supposed to be delivered April 1st. I get the feeling it will never be delivered.

The Easter gift basket was awful. The spring bouquet were some cheap chrysanthemums. The stuffed bunny was a stuffed elephant. The chocolate truffles were cheap chocolate mint squares. The wine was correct. Last year I received an Easter basket that was 2 days late, smushed chocolate strawberries and a soggy box. Very disappointed in Hazelton gift baskets

Sent wrong item

I ordered this item for a good friend of mine and instead she received a wood wagon. Worse experience and will never purchase from this site again.

ZERO Rating. Not worth it!!!!!

My order was received with a broken crate, unraveled bow, partially broken succulent, and missing the cheese cutting board. When trying to get this dealt with they requested pictures. How am I supposed to ask the recipient to take pictures and send them to me. It was a gift and I am not trying to make more work for the recipient. Also pictures on website are misleading. Double check what you are purchasing if you are foolish enough to make an order with this company. Also, the delivery was 3 days late.


Never showed. Do not order from this place. Terrible customer service and scammers

Do not use this service

I ordered a fruit basket and beer. Received was hard candy and nuts. Not at all worth what I spent. I have been trying to get in touch but no one returns calls. Have turned this over to the credit card company.
They are a bogus company.

Don't bother!

Aside from my order being late. I received a one layer, hard cake with the icing completely melted. It was a disgusting mess.

I was so excited to gift this to my son on his wedding night....

Four days after ordering the order had still not been delivered! The same day or even next day day delivery as advertised is just not true. And for me, my buying decision was based on it being delivered in a day or two max. Beware of you need delivery within four days.


I wanted to send my first grand child a welcome gift as I live in UK and cannot visit.
The cakes were smashed up and the pretty balloon featured in the photo above was replaced with an ugly grey and pink square balloon with a kind of elephant on it. Such a shame.
Apparently the brownies were good and the hat is cute.

Not impressed

The cakes were smashed and the balloon was ugly grey square thing. No where near as pretty as on the product picture.
Other wise ok.

Non Delivery

The Easter present was never delivered

Avoid BroCrates USA at all costs! If there were a NO Star I would have picked that

Ordered a Liquor Crate from my brother in law a week before his birthday and had issues from the start. They claimed my initial CC Charge did not process and requested Pay Pal, both charges cleared my bank and now I am disputing one of the charges. The gift finally arrive a week after when I was told it would. There is ZERO, I repeat ZERO customer support, their phone is not answered, nor are the several voicemails I left returned. Their system says "I am sorry you are having a problems" then HANGS UPS, I kid you not. Now I have to deal with my CC Company and try and get a refund on the double charge. My advice, go to the Liquor store, purchase what you want, wrap it and deliver it your self. I will be very surprised if I receive any word back from who is sitting behind the BroCrates org whom I think reside in the IST time zone. This in no BS for I have the paper trail and so does my CC company. As advised, see your create elsewhere.

Delivered Too Early

Product looks good. Why ask when we want it delivered, if it won't be delivered that day? This was a birthday present & was 1 day early!

The order never arrived

The order never arrived and I would like a refund. My parents are no longer staying at that apartment and to re ship it would be futile. I sent an email about this earlier today.

Wrong product delivered, vendor refused to rectify

I thought I bought a pot of 3 shoots red orchid as per image on the website for a Chinese birthday celebration as red stands for good fortune in Chinese. The Vendor delivered a white orchid for the birthday celebration instead. White colour flowers stands for mourning, funerals. The white orchard ruined the birthday celebration. I filed a complaint and the vendor refused to rectify but took the whole payment.

The order arrived late, the strawberries were rotted, and a champagne flute was chipped. We were offered only a partial refund and the occasion had passes to send another gift, so we were stuck. A reputable company would care about customer satisfaction but, based on our experience, that is not a priority for Hazleton's. Buyer beware!

Basket arrived spoiled after over a week in transit.

Customer service did not refund me. Extremely upset.


I disputed the charge because you never delivered the product! If I could give you no stars I would.

Completely Dissatisfied

Ordered basket online and it was never received. Tracking stated left at front desk of hotel, was not there. Recipient left the hotel 3 days later but the basket was never received.
Tried to work it out with Hazelton's - NO HELP! This is my first negative review EVER!