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Colburne Champagne Box

  • TheColburne Champagne Box is a popular and attractive gift for any occasion or celebration. Be it a wedding, anniversary, Christmas, graduation, or any other event worth celebrating, theColburne Champagne Box is the perfect way to spread delight and joy. The included bottle of champagne may be upgraded, see below for details.

  • This is what is included in this Gift Basket:

    Chocolate - BOSS Medium Dark Chocolate:Like a boss, BOSS chocolate is strong and commanding.  This rich and smooth medium dark chocolate is sure to leave a lasting impression on any true lover of sweets. Designed to perfectly pair with wines.

    Cheese -With a soft and spreadable texture, the Boss Camembert is a white delicious cheese with a mild aromatic taste.  Spread over any bread or fruit for a more appetizing snack.

    Crackers -The cracker is the unsung hero of many an appetizer.  Though a spread or cheese is usually the star of the show, an appetizer can be utterly ruined if the accompanying crackers are too brittle, coarse, or tasteless.  Thankfully, Hogtown Eats crafted the perfect cracker to accompany just about any cheese or spread.

    Container -Wine Crate:TheColburne Champagne Boxarrives packaged in a hand-crafted wine crate. The traditional crate is elegant in its simplicity, adding an air of rustic charm.

What Is Included in this Champagne Gift Basket?


Customer Reviews

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Colburne Champagne Box

Emmy Ortiz
great service and products

Each and Every basket that I have ordered have been rec'd on time and greatly adored by each and every recipient. Whether Holidays or 'occasions' they always have that WOW factor. You are my 'Go-To' gift giver. Thank you for the great service and quality items!

Karlie Whitehead
good combination

I ordered this Basket as an anniversary gift. It was received on time and beside receiving warm thank for it there were also several accolades about its vines and all other items. I am certainly recommending it without any reservation

Don MacLeod
Colbourne Champagne Box, Birthday Gift

The Birthday gift was very well received. It was exactly as described. The wrapping was even eco friendly. Hazeleton's is my go to spot for all my gift giving items. I have always been very pleased at their excellent service and product.

Rajat & Neeta Marwah

Colburne Champagne Box