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by Bold Commerce Collaborator June 27, 2018

Who doesn’t love to adorn their tables with an exquisite centerpiece from time to time? At New Jersey Blooms it is our most sought-after way to change the vibe of a table and is often what grounds the entire tablescape.

But how do you pick the right kind of centerpiece? Our in-house floral designers and experts say that the best way to go about this is to get one for every season. This way you are able to refresh your tablescape and stay in tune with what is on trend as well enjoy the benefits of buying seasonal flowers that also tend to be cheaper. Locally grown, in-season flowers guarantee the freshest blooms for your centerpieces.

Here we round up some of your best bets for spring, summer, fall and winter centerpieces to transform your tablescape and elevate you to host extraordinaire status. Check out our extensive collection of Centerpieces & Gifts to find the one just right for your home!


This centerpiece is the perfect nod to Spring combining fresh flowers and elements of Easter. 

With dazzling combinations of assorted flowers and a candle, this Centerpiece is the perfect addition to the tablescape for your Summer dinner parties.

With fresh flowers, succulents and other fillers in the glorious colours of Fall, this centerpiece is a great piece to adorn your table especially during your Thanksgiving feast.

Combining the best of the holiday season, this centerpiece combines spices, dry fruits and other fillers alongwith flowers to create a statement piece that will be the highlight of your holiday dinners.

Bold Commerce Collaborator
Bold Commerce Collaborator

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