The Brie Baker Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Enjoy the complex and rich flavours of freshly baked brie with The Brie Baker Gourmet Gift Basket from New Jersey Blooms. Rich gourmet brie, fine high quality jam, pure orange marmalade, a brie baker, and more complete this gift set and ensure it will be a beloved and long remembered gift. A bottle of wine and additional goods may be added to the basket, see below for more details.

  • Cheese – Brie Cheese Spread: Indulge in the rich and creamy flavour of this rindless and delectable cheese. The perfection companion for crackers and a glass of fine wine.

    Crackers – Lavasch Rosemary Deli Style Flatbread Crackers:Old meets new, these wonderful flatbread crackers are inspired both by traditional middle-eastern cuisine and New York style deli snacks.

    Utensil – The Gourmet Village Brie Baker: This basket includes a beautiful brie baker from The Gourmet Village. A quality brie baker turns already delicious cheese into a true masterpiece for the senses.

    Marmalade – Greaves Pure Orange Marmalade: Greaves delightful fruit preserves are made with dedicated care, ensuring each bite is as delicious as the last.

    Jam – That’s My Jam Concord Wine Jelly:This traditional jelly is made from fresh ingredients and fine wine, to ensure every jar is filled with a delightfully smooth taste and texture. Enjoy with toast, scones, biscuits, or any other sweet.

    Balsamic Vinegar – San Benedetto Del Tronto Balsamic Vinegar: Traditionally made, and classically delicious. San Benedetto Del Tronto’s rich extra virgin olive oil is carefully made every step of the way, ensuring every bottle is as delightful as the next.

    Crackers – CaPeachios Peppercorn & Poppy Water Crackers:CaPeachio's famous water crackers are sure to impress and delight. The cracker's subtle notes of seasoning enhance the experience of any accompanying cheese, spread, or charcuterie. CaPeachio's crackers are Kosher, vegan friendly, and GMO free. 125g.

    Crate – Handmade Wooden Crate: The Brie Baker Gourmet Gift Basket comes in a beautiful handmade wooden crate, perfect for storing wine, breads, fruits, or household knick-knacks.

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Customer Reviews

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Margaret May
Gifting Kosher is Not What is Says It is

I ordered a Kosher (dairy) Food Basket. The food products were not Kosher. My experience was that Gifting Kosher sets up the most disheartening obstacles, arguing that they are allowed to substitute products. No you cannot substitue non-Kosher for Kosher food. Only when I started a complaint with PayPal was there any effort to refund, and then more obstacles each step of the way. Eventually I received a full refund. DO NOT BE DETERRED, every effort is made to make you give up. DO NOT GIVE UP. Hold Gifting Kosher accountable for deliverying Kosher products.

Not anything near what was ordered

Gourmet crackers were substituted with much cheaper crackers that I could buy at Walmart for a few dollars, fruit was substituted with jam and the BRIE MAKER BASKET was missing the BRIE MAKER! I could have made the basket for less than half what I paid, very disappointing. I would not recommend this company as I politely informed them of the problems and they did nothing to compensate me and I certainly won't be a returning customer.

Didn't get what I ordered

I received a totally different gift basket from the one I ordered. What a disappointment. The response from Customer Service was that they reserve the right to make substitutions. Understood, but the entire order was substituted, not an item or two.

Martha Wach
Wrong item delivered, bad service

I ordered the Brie Baker Gourmet Gift Basket with extra wine and flowers for my stepmom for Christmas. The wrong gift basket was delivered with no Brie, no Brie baker and very little other than some salsa. And the flowers were brown the day they were delivered. I reached out to Hazelton multiple times and got no response at all. I will never use this company again.

Anita Baskin
Brie Baker Gourmet Gift Basket

You get a minus zero rating: You misrepresented my order by omitting the cheese the baker and the crackers by substituting Trailer Trash and chutney instead of the jam. You never sent the birthday balloon I paid for and the order arrived on Monday, the 16th instead of the 13th. I have disputed this order and expect a refund on my credit card. This was a disgrace!