Simply Irresistible Macaroons

  • A smooth, crisp shell, with a moist and chewy interior, the Simply Irresistible Macaroons from New Jersey Blooms is as delicious as it is gorgeous. The crumbly cookie delights are available in a plethora of bright, beautiful colours. A pre-dinner treat or a late night snack, this box of sweets will satisfy your sweet tooth. This gift is best paired with many of our flower gifts, so have a look through our extensive selection of flowers to find the best pairing.

  • This gift includes a stylized box of delicious macaroons, an incredibly decadent treat with an even more incredible range of colors. This gift pairs perfectly with many of our fine floral arrangements and acts as the perfect companion to many of our flowers gifts offered.

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Bad service that I won't hire again

To celebrate my daughter's birthday and since I can't give her a gift in person, I decided to hire the New York Bloom services to surprise her.
The order was a box of 12 macarons and a bottle of Portuguese wine to deliver on the 20th February 2021, her birthday. The delivered order contained 2 boxes of cookies and wine, delivered on the 19th.
They substituted the macarons for two boxes of cookies without my permission neither checked out my opinion about that. No information was given in this regard, on the contrary, in all the emails I received confirmed the delivery of macaroons and wine.
My daughter doesn't like those cookies and I knew that very well and for that reason I didn't choose them for my order. She loves macarons and that's why I bought them.
You can imagine her disappointment when she opened the box after reading my card where I mentioned the macaroons.
If I had known this would happen, I would never have bought this gift on Blooms website.
I was careful to place the order well in advance because I knew of the delays that could be caused by the covid-19 situation and the bad weather. They had enough time to schedule the order with the content requested by me. There is no excuse for this poor service. Until now, I wrote two emails, one to NYBloom and other to Toronto Bloom, all with out response.
This reveals a lack of respect and consideration for customers. For all these reasons, I do not recommend anyone to hire New York Blooms services.


Simply Irresistible Macaroons


They sent broken flowers and have not replied to my emails about how they’d like to rectify that. A company that charges by the stem should be responsible of making sure that all the stems are intact. My recipient received a crushed arrangement. And I’ve yet to hear back from anyone at all nevermind a suggestion for a solution. Also, both times I’ve ordered with them, they didn’t deliver on the day that I chose. First time it was a few days late. Second time, it arrived a day early. Luckily someone was home.

They were substituted

The gorgeous looking box of macaroons I ordered was substituted with four cheap cupcakes. The icing was melted and stuck to the cheap plastic container they were delivered in. Do not order from New York Blooms.

Different product delivered

I ordered the macarons few days ahead of time as a birthday present that had a special meaning for the recipient. The company delivered a box of chocolates instead without any warning- I only learned about different product being delivered after the fact directly from the recipient. I was very dissapointed and upset, and after contacting the company there was no willingness to remedy the situation or return a portion of the $40 that I paid for macarons. The box of chocolates that was delivered was definitely not worth that amount. Very unhappy with the service, will not use this delivery service again and do not recommend it. Additionally- they have no social media presence and the social media icons on their website are fake and link to other company's accounts (e.g. shopify).