Kitchen Secrets Collection - Basil Plant

  • For every home cook who loves to experiment with food, the Basil Plant from New Jersey Blooms' Kitchen Secrets Collection is sure to make for the perfect gift choice. In a versatile clay pot, this plant is sure to sit pretty in their kitchen and make them think of you every time they reach for the herb while cooking. Add white wines and other gourmet items like olive oil, truffle oils and pasta to make this gift a true chef’s delight.

  • This plant comes in a standard planter with a perforated base. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great product, inaccurate delivery timeline

Loved the basil plant -- came healthy and in a nice pot (no drainage hole though). However, I paid extra for a specific delivery date and the product was not even shipped until a day after it was supposed to be delivered. Disappointing, given that it was birthday gift.

Jayda Graves
It was a nice, healthy plant

Got this from a friend as a little gift, looking pretty in a honeycomb pot. Though I didn't know what to do with it at that time, it soon became the pride and joy of my garden. The plant withstood even harsh weather and still thrived considerably. If you have a green finger, you should definitely go for it.

Ryder Cherry
If you have a herb garden, you will love this plant

The plant arrived on time, in great condition and well packaged. It was a young plant with fresh, green leaves and healthy stem. It grew rather fast; it is a vital part of my herb garden now and I use its leaves in my recipes often. Certainly recommended.