Easter Bunny and Eggs Gift Basket

  • This charming Easter Bunny & Eggs Gift Basket includes a large milk chocolate bunny and eggs with Smarties inside! This chocolaty gift from New Jersey Blooms is the perfect treat to pair with a beautiful flower gift.

  • Included in this Easter Gift Basket:

    Carnaby Sweet Premium Milk Chocolate Hollow Bunny - Large - Made in England

    3 Smarties Shaker Eggs - Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg with 8 Smarties inside.

    Carnaby Sweet Decorated Belgian Milk and Yellow Chocolate Chicks - This Special Product is crafted in the heart of Belgium and made with original Belgian chocolate recipes using only the finest ingredients. You will enjoy these delicious and indulgent treats with your family and friends.  

    Small Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

    Nuovo Basket - Great for storing fruit or small household items after Easter!

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Your service was surely prompt! I appreciated your notifications up to, and, including delivery. Thank you!

Non Delivery

The Easter present was never delivered

Horrible Customer Service

I spent 150$ for a gift fo my Mom for Easter only to be informed that my Mom got the wrong basket because the man who received my moms gift called me at 6 am from Canada. I tried calling company multiple times and never could get through. I had to leave a message three different times each on a different day but no one tried calling me back. The facility where My Mom took pics of the items because I asked them to ( they were not happy to have to do this) and the girl from Hazelton’s emailed me saying she needed pics. I sent them to her three different days and finally on the fourth day I said I’m done playing your games. They never resolved this issue for my Mom. She didn’t get her Easter basket, stuffed bunny, chocolate candy and orchid plant for Easter. I am very ill and it is really hard to be dealing with this at this time and for the customer service to keep asking me to send pics is complete stupidity. I told the living facility to give my Mom the items she received so she could have something for Easter. Al I can say is that I should be refunded the 150$ I spent and honestly I want an apology. Ordering from this company was very easy but because of the customer service and how still this issue has not been fixed I will be letting an attorney my friend know so that the company doesn’t do this to someone else. I don’t want to have to be dealing with this anymore due to my severe illness and for this company not to fix this is unacceptable! Also not to refund my money too! Shame on Hazeltons for their customer service! And thanks for ruining my Easter and my Mom’s too! NEVER AGAIN!

Received nothing!!

Nothing was received. I was very dissappointed


Not yet delivered.Extremely annoyed at your performance.Either deliver in next 2 days or refund full amount.