Chocolate Dipped Strawberries in a Ceramic Bowl

  • This exquisite assortment of handmade chocolate dipped strawberries in a ceramic bowl will be appreciated by a chocolate or strawberry lover.

  • It is available with organic strawberries or regular strawberries & comes in three sizes! Approximately one-third of the strawberries are dipped in dark chocolate, one-third are dipped in white chocolate & the remainder are undipped strawberries. All dipped strawberries are enhanced with chocolate designs or coconut! Presented in a ceramic bowl with a large strawberry on the front which can be used in the kitchen for years! Set on a bed of kale.

    All of our Gift Baskets that contain Fresh Fruit should be delivered on a Same-day or an Overnight basis as fresh fruit is most enjoyed when it really is fresh!


Customer Reviews

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Never order from here! I ordered an orchid and chocolate strawberries for my grandmother and mother for mother's day. The orchid was "ok", but not as nice as what I usually get them. The strawberries were a MESS! They were not ripe, the green tops were all dried out and withered, and they had not been packed properly so they ended up all smashed together at one end of the box with the chocolate broken off. Additionally, the white bowl they were supposed to come it was missing. When I contacted customer service they took 4 days to get back to me, then told me they needed photos. From my 80 year old mother! (and 99 year old grandmother!), I told them I did not live near them and they do not have smart phones. They offered to send a replacement order. Guess what, the replacement order was even WORSE! than the original! The strawberries again were not packed properly and mashed, none were ripe and the chocolate was completely mashed in with the strawberries. When I contacted customer service they said they couldn't help me without photos, but by the looks of these reviews, they should realize by now that everything they send out is awful! Horrible company!

Not what was expected

I wrote to on May 13th, but still haven't received any answer whatsoever, so I'll post it here:

According to your webpage, Hazelton's delivers "even Sundays". I selected Sunday 12th for delivery (being mother's day). However, the ordered was delivered on the 10th, when nobody was home. The delivery company left a note at the address, saying that they would pass again on Monday 13th, which they finally did. In conclusion, they didn't deliver the gift basket when it was scheduled. If it wasn't possible to deliver on Sunday, on Mother's day, I would have appreciated a message (it's not nice to tell excuses to your son, and to the mother, that the surprise you planned for mother's day just didn't happen)

Apart from that, the gift basket wasn't handled carefully. Monday morning, when the box was finally delivered, the strawberry arrangement was displaced, you could see the base on one of the sides, and you could also see on some of the strawberries the effects of how badly the box was manipulated (I attached pictures to the e-mail). Again, that's not what I expected to give as a gift on Mother's day.

Finally, the bowl wasn't ceramic, as was ordered.

The only thing that was in good condition was the Bayley's Irish cream bottle.

I would like to know what Hazelton's customer service can offer to compensate for this situation (a refund?, a new gift?, an apology?, all?). Most of the Mother's day celebration was not a good one because of this.

Bait and Switch

Very disappointed - very inferior products were substituted, I was not advised - I only found out when I asked the recipient how she enjoyed her chocolate covered strawberries and ice wine - she received paper flowers with little chocolate and some red wine - she doesn't like either so gave them away. I followed up with customer service - they don't care, said it was their right to send something else


it is not,what i orderd

birthday choc coated strawberries

my daughter loved them, she sent me photos and they looked amazing. You just made the 11:00 deadline and thanks.
This is the 4th year I have organised this for her and you still provide excellent service - thanks