Canadian Craft Beer Carrier

  • The Canadian Craft Beer Carrier features a beer carrier proudly made by Canadian craftsmen which includes four large beers, syrup, a chocolate bar, a jar of nuts, and coffee to help you from your hangover!

  • Included in this Beer Gift Basket:

    Beer - 4 Bottles of assorted 600mL Canadian Craft Beer. Treat your gift recipient to a taste of Central Canada's favourite flavours, each with its own unique style and history.

    Syrup - Canada True Icewine Flavoured  Syrup - Presented in a gorgeous souvenir bottle, makes this the perfect gift.The golden liquid is kept as pure juice and is then slowly evaporated until it has a thick and viscous consistency, unlike maple syrup. Serve it as a secret ingredient in your dishes or serve it with dessert. With true Canadian grape flavors, take your taste buds to a whole other level. - 50ml

    Chocolate - Boss Dark Chocolate Square 

    Nuts - Hogtown Eats Barbecue Peanuts - 190ml

    Coffee - Magnificent Bastard Fair Trade Coffee Dark Espresso Rascal - Delivers a deep and rich aroma while having a strong bold roast with a kick. Live life a little and get a kick in the ass by having a cup of this coffee in your dull morning. - 340g

    Container - Aged Beer Carrier - Have the ease of drinking beers with the Aged Beer Carrier. This carrier holds up to 6 regular-sized beers and holds 4 600ml beer bottles. Has a metal bottle opener attached on the side.

Included In This Beer Gift

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Anita Gray
Misrepresentation...very disappointed

The order was not like the picture that I had ordered from. The beer glasses and coasters were to have the beers brand logo on it, neither did. The Beer was suppose to be 4 large glass bottles, which you can’t buy at the local LCBO instead we received 5 cans which can be bought at the LCBO and one was leaking. Paid over $100 for this and it arrived after Christmas which I am willing to forgive due to COVID
Ordered for 10 other people and I worry what their baskets looked like! I heard from two other people that I ordered for and based on my discussion with them it sounds like their baskets were not as described on the website. Have emailed and called and no response, hope someone gets back to me after this poor review. Very disappointed!

ben w
Never again

Posted 6 days later then it was supposed to arrive! I paid on dec 3 for a 23rd Dec delivery. It was posted (not delivered) on 29th Dec and still not delivered. Will never again use hazeltons and if it doesn’t arrive in the next day or 2 I will seek a refund.

Matt F
Inadequate substitions made without notification or remediation

I ordered this gift basket for a friends recent promotion. The friend in question is a coffee and beer drinker. The item in this package which caught my eye was most notably the beer carrier. The item was delivered with two substitutions which were the syrup and coffee. Although this was disappointing, it is understandable that not all products can always be sourced. After contacting the customer service department I was told that it is part of their company policy that substitutions happen regularly and that they can substitute any product without notice. While it was extremely disappointing not getting what I ordered, it would have been nice to know that substitutions were going to be made so that I could choose a different basket. The real issue I had with this product is that the beer carrying case was substituted for a tin bucket. Apparently this is an 'appropriate substitution' even though it could be purchased from a dollar store. This item is labelled as 'Canadian Craft Beer Carrier' and did not include the actual craft beer carrier. After speaking with the customer service department I was told about their substitution policy over and over again. The substitution of the beer carrier itself was extremely underwhelming as a tin bucket is not something someone would carry beers around in.

For the reasons above I will not be ordering anything from this company in the future as I did not receive what I ordered - the recipient was also disappointed.

For anyone considering ordering this basket or any basket from hazletons, please be aware that the basket could have every single item substituted, and similar to my scenario, with something valued much much lower than what you had paid for it.

Ashley M
Happy but...broken

Incredibly happy with the service provided and the promptness of delivery. However one of the beer bottles included in the gift were completely smashed and broken. The box was damp/wet and when the gift received open it, glass was everywhere. Other than that it was a fine experience

Amanda Perrillioux
Beer Gift Basket

Arrived in a timely manner on the designated day. Was very pleased with my purchase.