The Ultimate Beer Tasting Gift Basket

  • Celebrate any occasion by gifting the beer aficionado in your life The Ultimate Beer Tasting Gift Basket from New Jersey Blooms. Complete with a selection of four Canadian beers, salty and savoury gourmet treats, a beer tasting guide, and a beautiful beer tasting tray with sampler glasses. Additional beers and gourmet goods may be added to the gift basket, see below for more details.

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Beer - Four Canadian beer are included in the base price of this gift basket. You can change the type of beer or increase the number of beer to 6, 8, 12, 18 or 24.

    Chips - Dutch Crunch Mesquite BBQ:These rich and delectable kettle chips are beautifully seasoned, ensuring each satisfyingly crunchy bite is accompanied by a burst of rich flavour

    Popcorn - Spudniks Caramel Corn Popcorn:Flavored popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it oh so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared ensuring that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight.

    Pretzels - East Shore Dipping Pretzels:These salty and savoury pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or with mustard.

    Jerky - Great Canadian MEAT Hot Beef Jerky: Rich smoky flavour infuses these delightful slices of jerky, creating the ideal snack.

    Salami - Wagner’s Hot Pepperoni: Filled with bold and rich flavour, Wagner’s hot pepperoni are a delightful treat, and the perfect snack to have alongside a beer.

    Brittle - Buster’s IPA Beer Brittle:Look, everybody loves candy, everybody loves beer, it just makes sense to blend them together. Buster’s has taken the traditional sweet, and granted it an IPA kick..

    Nuts - Aww… NUTS! Honey Roasted Beer Nuts:Aww… NUTS! carefully roasts and seasons each nut to perfection, ensuring every bite is chock full of flavour and character.  Highly portable and incredibly satisfying, nuts really are the ideal snack for any occasion.

    Board and Glasses - This gift set includes a tasting paddle and accompanying glasses, perfect for sampling beers.

Included In This Beer Gift

Customer Reviews

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Beer Tasting Basket

Would be a 5 star rating except for a delivery issue. I have used Hazelton's a few times over this past year and this is the first time I ever had an issue. I had ordered early requesting a specific delivery date but unfortunately there was an issue with the courier/delivery and my basket wasn't delivered, and I wasn't informed it hadn't been delivered. I had some trouble contacting Hazelton's as the email link in the "contact us" section bounced back as undeliverable and I never received a call back to my voicemail that I left. However I "spoke" with Matthew via the Live Chat and he was wonderful. He made sure my basket went out that day and it was delivered 2 days later and was a huge hit! The quality of the baskets are first rate their Live Chat customer service is awesome!

Never delivered

I ordered a basket on March 13th. It still has yet to be delivered. It was supposed to be delivered April 1st. I get the feeling it will never be delivered.

Miriam Medina
Late arrival and broken glasses

Sent this as a gift for my nephew's 21st birthday. It arrived nearly 2 weeks late and had a broken glass. He seems rather happy with the rest, however.

adriana Velandia

Worst service ever, the product wasn't at all what I paid is a scam company.

Marcin Mazanek
Very Disappointed

Placed an order on Dec 22 2020, to be delivered on Dec 24 2020. There was a message that some delay may be possible up to a 2 days, which is understandable during the Christmas and with Covid-19. Well, 2 weeks late Basket still has been not delivered. The tracking showed that the order has been transferred to the carrier. Tried to called but the message said that Hazeltons was not taking any calls due to the high volume of the calls. Sent an email but never received a replay. Finally on Jan 23, 2021 I received a message that the order has been shipped and would be delivered on 01/24/21. Of course, it did not arrive until the following day 01/25/21 - over a month after the requested delivery date. I would like to mention that I chose on purpose the Company based in Toronto area, so it would be local delivery. Also, items were packed in a box filled with a packing Styrofoam pebbles, and the recipient was forced to remove items one by one and clean them of.
Very disappointed with the whole experience, just wanted to surprise a friend for the Christmas.